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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is someone who can help you improve your life, feel better, and achieve your goals. A life coach does this by supporting you in a confidential, non judgmental safe space allowing you to share your thoughts. I can offer a new perspective and see things differently since I am not inside your brain with you. I will utilize a proven technique called “The Model” to guide you through the process.

I am here to help.

I provide general life coaching support to all individuals as well as my superpower to help Mom’s with Multiple Roles who are feeling frustrated and stressed out with their hectic life. Surprise Surprise! You don’t need to change the circumstances of your life! Do you have a nagging issue that has you feeling stuck? Do you have an area of your life you would like to improve? Maybe it is improving your relationships with others or perhaps your relationship with yourself. I can lead you to up-level any area of your life….Parenting, Relationships, Self Love & Acceptance, Health/Wellness, Career, Family Dysfunction/Narcissism, Organization/Planning, Goal Setting & Accomplishing. The beauty of the Model process is that it can help in any scenario or situation. No matter how simple or complicated. There is relief available to you. It all starts with awareness. Even if you don’t have an issue, I still have concepts and tools that would take your life to a whole new level…you just don’t know it yet!

About me

My name is Carisa Peters and I am a Certified Life Coach. I am located in Springfield, Ohio. I have been married for 25 years and have 2 children. I recently retired from my lifelong career owning/operating our family marketing and printing company. I received my coaching certification from The Life Coach School, a premier institution for life coaching. I spent the majority of my life chasing happiness. I was an avid follower of self help materials for over 30 years and have seen multiple therapists along the way. I used to think I needed a new life, a new job, a new me to be happy. I now know that I had more power than I ever realized and didn’t have to change the circumstances around me. I just needed someone to show me a tool or process to take action and not stay stuck. I transformed my own life applying the tools I learned during my training and now I am honored to share this with others.

Ready to get started?

You may not even know you need this, I didn’t know either….but now being on the other side of this intentional life I have created I would do it again in a heartbeat! Let me be your guide to learning transformative tools that will empower you. Feeling better about your life is just one action away. I offer individual session rates as well as packages/long term rates as well as corporate coaching options. Click the button below to schedule a complimentary no obligation session with me so we can determine if we are a good fit to work together! I am currently offering virtual sessions for individuals via Zoom meeting software, however I plan to offer an in person session option in the very near future. You may also connect with me on my social pages listed below or contact me directly at carisapeters@gmail.com or 937-215-3854.

Unhappy People

I have noticed a theme with clients as I have been working with them. I will hear them say that they tend to be a pretty happy person for the most part but other people around them just bring them down. Or I do fine until I am around a really negative person. I wantContinue reading “Unhappy People”


I can say that I am a recovering perfectionist. I actually don’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t aware of this trait that I had. I would often make a joke that I had OCD as a kid. I don’t really know if I did have an official form of Obsessive CompulsiveContinue reading “Perfectionism”